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Investasi Pasti Untung
Investasikan minimal 2,5-10 % dari penghasilan untuk investasi akhirat anda yang dijamin pasti untung berlipat ganda. Salurkan investasi anda lewat lembaga terpercaya berikut ini:
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Jadwal Lelang Domain di Moniker-Snapnames Bulan Agustus-September
Kamis, 07 Agustus 2008
Di bulan Agustus-September Moniker bekerjasama dengan snapnames mengadakan 4 domain auction (lelang domain), tapi saya hanya menulis 3 acara karena yang satu acara sudah berlangsung saat artikel ini ditulis. Ketiga acara tersebut adalah:

Affiliate Summit
Boston Seaport Hotel
Boston, MA
August 10-12, 2008

Premium Online Auction: Sunday, August 10 to Thursday, August 21

Deadline to submit domains: Submissions are now closed.

Search Engine Strategies
San Jose
August 18-21, 2008

Premium & Search Domains
Live & Online Auctions: August 18-21, 2008

Deadline to submit domains: Submissions are now closed.

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. New York
New York City
September 23-26, 2008

Premium Domains
Live & Online Auctions: September 23-26, 2008

Deadline to submit domains:
- Unlimited bulk submissions (7/16)
- Limited submissions (max of 10 per person)* (7/30)
- word premium domains only* (8/13)

Penting diperhatikan: saat ini submit domain tidak lewat email, tapi ada link tempat submit. Masing-masing acara punya link submit sendiri-sendiri. Lebih lanjut klik:
posted by Fahri Ahmad @ 09.45   3 comments
Expert Tips: How to start selling domains for profit
Kamis, 13 Maret 2008
Mulai sekarang saya akan berbagi tips bisnis domain dari Zach Bastick pemilik forum yang dia kirim lewat email. Berikut tips no.1:

Making money with domains is an exciting new business with the opportunity for eye-popping profits. Million-dollar domain sales may not take place every day, but domains are sold every week for five- and six-figure windfalls.

Many people ask me:

"Is it possible to be intentional about making money with domains? Or do profits only result from the dumb luck of being in the right place at the right time?"

Well, I'll be very clear about this: it is possible. But there are some guidelines that will make your quest for domain profits more successful. First of all, you must...

Know the Territory

Building a profitable domain business starts with zeroing in on a niche, or specialized area of interest. The most profitable niches have very few competitors and lots of potential visitors. When you narrow your focus to a specific
niche, you decrease the number of competitors you face. But unfortunately, you lower the number of potential visitors at the same time.

If there is little or no competition in a certain niche, it's due to one of two reasons. Either you have stumbled upon an undiscovered niche (call my broker!), or else the market has already determined there's no profit to be made in that niche. Knowing the difference is what separates profit from loss.

Here's a tip that experienced "domainers" live by: if you work in niches that you understand and have interest in, then you'll KNOW whether the niche is undiscovered or simply unprofitable. If you try to deal in niches where you haven't a clue, then you'll just be guessing.

Now, this strategy may look easy on paper. In reality, it can be tough to achieve. But there's another secret to finding domains that sell. You must...

Lead the Market, Not Follow It

Investing in domains that will provide you with a significant return later requires advance knowledge of the future. Now this is not about insider tips or fortune-
telling. It is about knowing your chosen niche well enough to be aware of the niche's trends and predicting where the niche will develop next. By knowing where demand will occur next, you can beat your competitors to it.

Zach Bastick
posted by Fahri Ahmad @ 11.11   0 comments
Promosi Domain Parking
Selasa, 19 Februari 2008
Promosikan Domain Parking anda di blog mubaroknet

- nama domain
- deskripsi domain
- keyword yang nge link ke situs domain parking
- deskripsi situs

Pernah mengisi artikel tentang internet di blog tersebut. 1 artikel bisa promosi 2 domain.

Tidak menerima promosi domain porno/adult
posted by Fahri Ahmad @ 10.38   0 comments
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